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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Aphrikan's Observations in the Tropics

I walk around my island a lot and observe many things. In my observations, a subject in particular caught my attention. The subject that I am willing to discuss here and also hopefully to get feedback to understand this "phenonmenon".
As I walk around my island or go out with my friends to chill out, I notice something and other people here have noticed it too. It seems that White people have a strong tendancy to let go their racial inhibitions and either flirt, date or even marry someone outside of their race when either just visiting or making the islands their home. Whenever I walk around town or hang out at a local club, the day or night is never complete in which a White male has flirted with me. I must say that it is not only limited to White men but also White women have a tendancy to let go as well. They do not feel intimidated to flirt with or dance with a Black male, sometimes even a Rastafarian when in the islands.
What is the basis for this release of racial tension? Why is it different stateside as oppose to the Caribbean? Would a White male in a crowded elevator flirt with a Black female in the same way as he would on a crowded calypso dance floor? These are the questions that enter my mind sometimes when I observe human behaviors. What about the psyche of some White males or females that determine that it is okay to let go on their racial inhibitions of sexuality? Is it just a plain fetish to see what its like or is a deep feeling of wanting to know more about a person different to them?
The White males I have come into contact with are pretty nice and are friends. However, some were upset to find that I was already taken. I wonder if the environment being that it is a tropical, exotic island makes racial inhibitions take flight? Maybe just reading too much into my observation..it could be just the Cruzan Rum. *smile*


Blogger Saidi_saidi_Aswani said...

The Carribean and other third world spots seem to be magnets for horn old white men and women. These white men might be flirting with you because they think black females are easy.

However, I have meet black Carribean men married to white women and it does not have that typical exotic appeal that most interacial marriages. This one Carribean person was married to a Syrian women. Both of them seemed happy.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous John The Revelator said...

Your writing should get more to the point. you have sentences that are incomplete which seem to be inappropriate for this type of site. where as everyone else writes well, you write as if you are a grammar school insubordinate.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Saidi_saidi_Aswani said...

Ahhh...great just what we need a English teacher. Thank you very much Mr. Grammar check. I guess you pay more attention to the short sentences that require no thought as compared to the so-called incomnplete ones that do. This is just a blog site. Loose up on the grammar instruction. You are not an editor at Time or National Geographic.

10:35 AM  
Blogger anhkability75 said...

Have you ever heard:
You don't s**t in your own back yard!

Basically, where behaviors aren't openly accepted, people (whether the desire is there or not) routinely will no act upon them. If out of nothing else, but fear or as a survival tactic. Where the personal desire is there for such behavior.....you will go where it will not affect you livelyhood. Hence..... "When in Rome........."

10:40 AM  

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