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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Racism in Modern America

Racism is a danger which has plagued America throughout it's existence as a nation. In years following the heyday of the Civil Rights movement of the 60's this danger has both increased and receded. Many pundits have offered their opinions, explanations and accusations.
But where has this really left us?

Few persons since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have offered a clear path toward a resounding resolution to this issue which can be readily embraced by all concerned. Would Dr King have supported Affirmative Action? Some say that his call to judge by the "content of ones character" indicates that he would not, but scholars who've researched his comments on the issue indicate that he would. Are those who oppose the continuance of Affirmative Action the modern equivalent of the 60's racist, as has been contended by noted activist Julian Bond - or do organizations such as the NAACP, where Bond is chairman, signify the face of modern racism with it's clearly race based (Where 'CP' equals "colored people") point of view?

Or are none of these people "racist" at all, but merely attempting to solve the same problem using different means?

Many questions need to be answered.


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