RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Gunmen kill ousted Loyalist Belfast leader

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gunmen kill ousted Loyalist Belfast leader

DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland (Reuters) -- Gunmen killed a former leader in Northern Ireland's largest Protestant guerrilla group on Tuesday, the most high-profile victim of a spate of violence among armed Protestant factions in the British province.
Jim Gray, who survived an assassination attempt in 2002 and was ousted from the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) in March, was killed outside his home in Belfast, said sources among the armed factions. Police declined to give any details.

Many Protestants, who want to maintain links with Britain, accuse the British government of having made too many concessions to the IRA. Their resentment resulted last month in some of the worst rioting in Northern Ireland in years.
Television pictures showed Gray's body lying on the ground, his boots sticking out from under a blood-stained white sheet. Police cordoned off the area.


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