RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Understanding, The Israeli "pullout"

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Understanding, The Israeli "pullout"

For about a week now, Many Palestinian families here in the United States have been watching The theatrics of Israeli settlers , being pulled out of their Israeli Govt Funded illegal settlements with great interest..

Lets discuss this.

There are NOT 8,500 israeli settlers in the Gaza strip.
there were as many as 5,000 settlers in 2002.

There are 1,350,000 Arabs in the Gaza Strip in appauling conditions, Immagine for a momment life in a refugee camp under the care of the red cross/red crescent, in the desert meanwhile just across from the road from which your diet of grain and beans, comes in on, an israeli settlement partially funded by the us taxpayer decides to expand into your camp, which will be moved further into the hinterland.

Each Israeli settler will be paid some 200-400k and who is funding this pullout?

You the US taxpayer of course.


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