RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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South Africa Exhumes Graves of Anti-Apartheid Fighters

Forensic specialists in South Africa have exhumed two bodies believed to be those of anti-apartheid fighters killed by security forces 17 years ago and buried in unmarked graves. Investigators hope to positively identify the remains and possibly find clues to who killed them. These are the first of more than 20 exhumations expected over the next several weeks, as authorities try to close some of the cases that were left open by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Mexico's Fox Struggles to Undo Cancun Drug Scandal Damage

The administration of Mexican President Vicente Fox is struggling to limit damage to its already tarnished police force, following a drug scandal at the vacation resort of Cancun. Experts warn the drug cartels are gaining power.

Prosecutors from the attorney general's office have arrested 25 police officers and two civilian workers. They are still hunting for 13 suspects. The officers detained are from the local, state, and federal forces.

Eight are charged with murder or accessory to murder, while others are facing organized crime and drug-trafficking charges.

The crackdown suggests that the country's powerful drug cartels have continued to penetrate police organizations along Mexico's Caribbean coast.

New commission on cards to battle racism in Spain

The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has presented a motion to create a commission to combat racism in sport.

Spain coach Luis Aragones was recently fined after his controversial comments made about Arsenal’s black striker Thierry Henry.

There have been a number of incidents of racist chanting aimed towards high-profile players in the Primera Liga.

The governing party in Spain has presented the motion, which has the support of all parties in the Spanish senate.

PSOE spokesperson Patricia Hernandez said: “Xenophobic attitudes are a disgrace to sport and to all of society. They don’t just insult (black players) Samuel Eto’o or Roberto Carlos, but they insult football, sport and all of us.

“This minority of fans are racist and xenophobic as well as cowards who hide among the multitudes in grounds,” said Hernandez, who added racism was not just a problem in the Primera Liga.

She added: “Lower levels also suffer this problem and youngsters and children, who play and try to copy their heroes also receive racist insults.”