RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday, August 19, 2005

U.S., Taliban bargained over bin Laden, documents show

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- During secret meetings with U.S. officials in 1998, top Taliban officials discussed assassinating or expelling Osama bin Laden in response to al Qaeda's deadly bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa, according to State Department documents. The newly declassified documents, posted Thursday on the National Archives Web site, provide a fascinating glimpse into U.S. diplomacy exerted on Afghanistan's ruling Taliban -- a regime officially unrecognized by Washington -- nearly three years before the September 11, 2001, al Qaeda attacks on the United States.

Vioxx maker found liable in U.S. man's death

A Texas jury has found pharmaceutical giant Merck and Co. liable for the death of a man who took the painkiller Vioxx.

Robert Ernst's widow, Carol, was awarded $253.4 million US in damages.

The amount is a combination of the pay he lost as a Wal-Mart produce manager, mental anguish, loss of companionship and punitive damages.

September 11th tape???? (video)

This was sent to me by Bob Johnson he says its a real tape from September 11th. You be the judge.

Muslims attacked in England (Brighton Beach) video

This is an exclusive video sent to me by visitor from England. It is a video of some English teens in Brighton Beach U.K. attacking some muslims on vacation from France. He filmed it last weekend, he told me that he was having to turn the tape over to authorities who are investigating the attack.


Al Qaeda claim for Red Sea attacks

CNN) -- An al Qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility for rocket attacks Friday that targeted but missed two U.S. military ships in the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba.

The three Katyusha rockets hit a warehouse and a hospital in Aqaba, killing a Jordanian soldier, and struck the nearby Israeli port city of Eilat.

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Pic is, "Sandstorm in Iraq"

Brazilian Executed in Subway for Political Purpose

Outrage Grows Over British Police Killing of Brazilian Who Was Mistaken for a Terrorist

THOMAS WAGNERAssociated Press Writer
LONDON (AP) -- London police initially opposed an independent investigation into the fatal shooting of a Brazilian man mistaken for a suicide bomber, an official said Thursday, as allegations of a police cover-up grew.
''The Metropolitan Police Service initially resisted us taking on the investigation, but we overcame that,'' said John Wadham, chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is now investigating the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, who police shot in the head seven times on an underground train in south London.
Wadham's statement was issued after lawyers for the Menezes family met with the complaints commission, or IPCC, demanding more information about the killing.
Menezes, 27, was shot and killed by police who tailed him to the subway station on July 22, one day after four bombs had been carried onto London's transit system by suspected terrorists. The bombs failed to detonate fully.
Two weeks earlier, 52 commuters had been killed by bombs on London trains and a bus in the first reported suicide bombing in Western Europe.
The Guardian newspaper reported Thursday that Sir Ian Blair, the director of London's Metropolitan Police, tried to prevent the commission's independent probe, saying it could have a negative impact on national security and intelligence. The paper also said police kept complaints commission away from the scene of the shooting for three days.

The many face of the yahoo chatter "Mansu Musa" a.k.a. "Saidi Aswani" a.k.a."just_a_screen_name_45"

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