RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Relocated New Orleans Criminals Shoot It Out In Atlanta ? (story)

Rumour has it this was a shootout between some hometown hoodlums and relocated New Orleans hoodlums, I wonder how long APD will play with them?


ATLANTA -- Police were piecing together what happened following a wild shootout early Wednesday in the heart of Midtown Atlanta in which a car crashed into a hotel.

At least one person who suffered from a gunshot wound to the neck sought help at Grady Memorial Hospital following the gun battle near Tenth and Peachtree streets. Police were questioning the patient, who said he was an innocent bystander struck by a bullet during the incident.

Details were sketchy but witnesses reported seeing the occupants of two cars exchange gunfire while traveling down Peachtree Street. One of the cars crashed into the Wyndam Hotel before the occupants fled from the scene.

Gunmen kill ousted Loyalist Belfast leader

DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland (Reuters) -- Gunmen killed a former leader in Northern Ireland's largest Protestant guerrilla group on Tuesday, the most high-profile victim of a spate of violence among armed Protestant factions in the British province.
Jim Gray, who survived an assassination attempt in 2002 and was ousted from the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) in March, was killed outside his home in Belfast, said sources among the armed factions. Police declined to give any details.

Many Protestants, who want to maintain links with Britain, accuse the British government of having made too many concessions to the IRA. Their resentment resulted last month in some of the worst rioting in Northern Ireland in years.
Television pictures showed Gray's body lying on the ground, his boots sticking out from under a blood-stained white sheet. Police cordoned off the area.

Race fears spark St. George ban In England (Story)

A poll at CNN asks, β€œIs it time for England to change its national flag?”
Why in the world would such a thing even be considered? To avoid offending ... you know who, that's right.... Muslims. Well, who gives a flying fuck if Muslims are offended at a Nation's Flag who took them in as refugees? These political correct people in the U.K. and the USA are destroying their respective countries. It's time we say enough is enough!


LONDON, England (CNN) -- British prison officers who wore a St. George's Cross tie-pin have been ticked off by the jails watchdog over concerns about the symbol's racist connotations.

The pins showing the English flag -- which has often raised hackles due to its connection with the Crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries -- could be "misconstrued," Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers said in a section on race in a report on a jail in the northern English city of Wakefield.


What in the world is going on over in Nigeria? How bad is it when Nigerian National Troops have an all out war in the streets with their own Police? Nigeria, it seems can never shake the anarchy and corruption it has fought so hard to end there. It as a country rich with technology and commerce, I hope one day can pull to the world front and lead West Africa out of economic despair and towards a "Brighter Future".


Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 October 2005, 07:44 GMT 08:44 UK
Nigerian police clash with troops

Three Nigerians have died in clashes in Lagos as soldiers fought running battles with police.
The dead were civilians caught in the crossfire of a battle that began when a soldier tried to stop a policeman demanding a bribe, reports said.
The police officer hit out at the soldier, who raised the alarm at a nearby barracks, sparking violence.
Soldiers and police then exchanged live fire across the main highway in Lagos, the country's largest city.
Some 60 vehicles, including 20 police cars, were set ablaze during the clashes.
Troops were reported to have stormed a police station, setting it on fire and freeing scores of prisoners.

Tourettes Guy Website (videos)

This is a hilarious website with videos taken by doctors of a guy with tourettes syndrome. It is hilarious and also apparently real. From what I can find on the web it is a real guy who lives on disability in Pittsburgh,PA. Anyway it is good for a few laughs, that is if you are not offended by it. I mean I don't mind going to this dude's site because the poor guy is making money of it. He even has tshirts and coffee mugs LOL! WATCH!


This is a video from Bristol,England of some adolescent hoodlums robbing another kid in broad daylight. Fortunately it is caught on security cameras. I guess they start the hoodlums up early over there too!

F.B.I. make two arrest in slaying of 6 Mexican immigrant workers in Georgia (video)

Tifton β€” Police think they have taken a major step toward solving a string of South Georgia home invasion robberies against Hispanics that have increased in number and savagery in recent months.
The viciousness reached a new level Friday, when six people were killed by bat-wielding attackers who crashed through four trailers and bludgeoned the sleeping occupants while demanding money.

Stacy Bernard Sims, 19, of Norman Park, and Jamie Deamtrive Underwood, 27, of Moultrie, were charged with one of the early Friday home invasions in Colquitt County, where a man was shot in the head and his wife was raped. The couple's three small children, who were home at the time, "were traumatized, but not physically hurt," said Vernon Keenan, director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The man is still hospitalized in serious condition.

Authorities have said home invasions with beatings and robberies of Hispanics have been common for months, if not years. Gutierrez said his first visit to the home of a parishioner when he came to Tifton three years ago was because of a home invasion.
hey said two African-American guys pushed into their trailer, put a gun to the head of their son, who was 3 years old, and requested his money," the priest recalled. "We have this at least once or twice a month. Unfortunately, they don't go to the police because of their immigration situation or they are afraid the [attackers] will come back to them if they make a report."