RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Uncle Cornbread's C Walkin Interlude"

Get ya C-Walk On!!! (click on title to get linked to video i put together best viewed in 320 x 240 you can adjust on site)

Iraq War Footage Helmet Cam (click here)

Awesome footage from US Troops in Iraq, taken from a helmet cam. HOOOOOAH

Police Brutality Korean Style (click here)

This is video of some South Korean Police beating the shit out of its citizens.

Tornado strikes Wyoming town 'They can remember flying through the air'

WRIGHT, Wyoming (AP) -- Residents had just five minutes warning before a tornado tore into a mobile home park, killing two people and destroying dozens of homes.

An End To Hyphenated Americans

In my view, the parade of ethnicity that occurred in the eighties, with the gilding of the statue of liberty and the Iacocca ascendancy was a step backward for America. The idea that generations after immigration, Americans are supposed to continue to identify with a long-lost heritage is a balkanizing influence that will bear a bitter harvest.

Assimilation was certainly a hurdle set before new Americans and the WASP orthodoxy certainly enforced admission with their 'blue-blood' standards for inclusion. I think the hyphenation phenomenon was largely a reaction to this exclusion and an assertion of power gained initially in Northeastern cities and from thence into the heartland of America.

The concept of 'whiteness' is certainly a superset of WASPism. I argue that this was done to expand the franchise while still maintaining division and now the entire country has fallen into this clever device. Of course race is an overlay on these 'white divisions' and the hyphenation phenomenon, I argue, leaves slave progeny still excluded from amongst them. African-American is a cruel joke owing to the minute legacy (little beyond genetic) retained by that grouping.

The illegal immigration issue worsens the prospects for a united country because the standards of English literacy, familiarity with the country's (nominal) history and an oath of allegiance are absent. This has/is/will create a further balkanization.

The question arises then, what is a non-hyphenated American?

WASPs were the first aristocracy in America and to a great extent predominate the 'old money' class today. They have adopted many other European descended peoples who have immigrated, but within their own circles, until recently, have remained amongst themselves. Within a few more generations however, families like the Kennedy's, the Iococcas and other white-ethnics will be (albeit grudgingly) admitted to the 'old-money' club (as seen during the 'gilded liberty' period) and perhaps the slave progeny afterwards. Of course, this is not in order of antiquity in the country, but it does appear that progress is being made on all fronts.

Certainly descendants of American chattel slaves have an established presence in the US and their antiquity is beyond question in most cases. With family histories that extend for centuries their place in American history and culture includes them in any legitimate definition of 'American'. It is also true that their artificially limited participation has hampered the extent to which they have occupied all levels of societal impact. This has only impoverished our nation and it appears that, however slowly, the range of contributions they are invited to make has broadened in recent history ... very recent history.

The newer phenomenon are Asian, East-Indian and Hispanic assimilation and to no small extent they have penetrated the society rapidly. This is due, I argue, to the nature of the immigration patterns enforced. Specifically, in the case of Asia and East Indian, these groups come to America already highly educated and in many cases with significant family networks still intact from their nations of origin. This is a very different type of immigration than slave capture, field labor, or other huddled masses.

Is it unreasonable to require that new societal members relinquish the culture of their origins? Should we enforce the primacy of the culture that is already in existence? The English-Only movement has certainly crystallized these questions in at least one package: language. In an attempt be accommodating, the US in my opinion has prolonged/invited further balkanization.

The melting pot phenomenon will continue as a matter of course and I do not argue that it should be opposed. However, certain minimal standards of 'sameness' should be encouraged. Race should NOT be included amongst them. Neither should height, hair length, ear shape or the national origin of one's ancestors.

For once and for all, let us be AMERICAN, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

copyright 2005 Callmethefixer

Racist Cop Drive-Thru Video (click here)

Is this a racist act by the police caught on tape? It may be, You be the judge in this video from Dayton, Ohio. Damn smokefreak may be right!

Here is another video of a compilation of police beatings.

Border emergency declared in New Mexico Governor says area 'devastated' by human and drug smuggling

(CNN) -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency Friday in four counties along the Mexican border that he said have been "devastated" by crimes such as the smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants.

Faces of Meth (click here)

They are portraits of self-destruction.

A death march under a microscope. A jailhouse gallery of lives laid waste by meth addiction. Click on the link above to view these amazing pictures of meth addicts and their fast progression to a zombie.

U.S. military finds chemical site in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The U.S. military is trying to determine if more than 1,500 gallons of chemicals found this week at an abandoned storage site in northern Iraq were being used to make weapons, a military spokesman told CNN on Saturday.

Wildfire burns homes in Washington state

POMEROY, Washington (AP) -- A 48,000-acre wildfire in southeastern Washington has destroyed more than 100 homes, ranging from modest summer cabins to full-time residences, a spokeswoman said Friday. http://edition.cnn.com/2005/US/08/12/wildfires.ap/index.html

End Race, End Racism

Layers of lies containment the modern mind. Artificial classifications of life justify cannibalistic behavior in so-called civilized society. America is caught in a racial binary where in people who identify as black and those who identify with white are engaged in a nonsensical battle for supremacy that actually unites them in conflict. Here are a series of Truths about race:
1) Race as constructed is a complete artificial concoction of human relations. This is not a denial difference in physicality among people but an affirmation of the commonalities that make us. The Classifications as we know them are false.
a. http://ssw.unc.edu/fcrp/Cspn/vol4_no1/is_race_a_myth.htm
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d. http://teach.lanecc.edu/lugenbehld/205/handouts/Races%20Do%20Not%20Exist.htm

2) There are no white people…just people who identify as such White is a social designation arbitrarily drawn to assign political, social and economic rights…much like the Hindu Caste sysem. It DOES NOT describe skin color.
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3) There are no truly Black people…just people who identify as such. Negro is the blanket classification that Europeans created for the people they chose to enslave. The brown skin color of West Africans is the majority color of humanity. The Black identity is mostly a reaction by or to the notion of white supremacy. Black DOES NOT describe skin color.
a. http://www.africanholocaust.net/news_ah/we%20are%20africans%20not%20black.htm
b. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blacks

4) There are no racial “mixed” people…considering a human being to be “mixed” is to validate the classifications of race
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