RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

FBI Launches Probe of Alleged Islamic Radical(story)

LOS ANGELES — The FBI has launched an inquiry into the activities of a grocery store owner who is allegedly the U.S. leader of a radical Islamic group banned in parts of Europe and the Middle East, authorities said.

Four Palestinians, Jew Killed in Violence(story)

JERUSALEM — Violence hit Jerusalem and the West Bank Wednesday, with four Palestinians and a Jew killed, a day after Israel completed its historic evacuation of 25 settlements in Gaza and the West Bank.

Late Wednesday, four Palestinian militants were killed during an Israeli army arrest raid in the Tulkarem (search) refugee camp, residents said. Israeli soldiers surrounded a house and exchanged fire with militants inside and outside, witnesses said.

Katrina may hit Florida as a hurricane (story)

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Tropical Storm Katrina will bring wind and rain to South Florida on Thursday and is forecast to grow into a Category 1 hurricane before making landfall Friday morning, state emergency officials said.

Then, the slow-moving storm will take up to a day to creep across the water-logged Florida peninsula, dumping up to 20 inches of rain, state meteorologist Ben Nelson said.