RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005


This is a video from Oakland,Ca about a gang that catches a "snitch" out in public. This girl dies as a result of the beating. This was sent to me by a visistor to the site.

Egyptian Coptic Priest compares Prophet Mohammed with Hitler

Recently a Coptic priest named Abuna[father] Zakaria Boutrus on the Egyptian based Christian Al-Hayat satellite channel comparied Mohammed to Hitler.

From personal experiance I can say that alot of what the Coptic expats say in America is often exagerated. Sometimes to the point of absurdity,however, there does exist persecution which the Egyptian goverment often sweeps under the carpet. The issue is so complex that few Westeners Christian or otherwise would understand. Just note that both Christian and Muslim Egyptians are treated very badly by the Egyptian goverment,and especially the rural Egyptian population in the impoverised area of Upper Egypt.

Anyway, take the following with a grain of salt:

Clip 1 - Coptic Priest Zakaria Boutrus: Verses Must be Struck from the Koran; I Demand an Official Apology from Muslim Governments to Christians
TO VIEW THIS CLIP http://memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=753

Clip 2 - Coptic Priest Zakaria Boutrus: The Prophet Muhammad's Hadith Is Reminiscent of Hitler
TO VIEW THIS CLIP: http://memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=751

Clip 3 -Coptic Priest Zakaria on Islam Spreading by the Sword
TO VIEW THIS CLIP: http://memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=718

Crazy Japanese prank "Panty Pullin" assaults women. (video here)

This is a video of a prank that is all the craze right now in Japan. I cannot see how it is not considered to be sexual assault, or battery at the least. Watch the video and tell me what you think.

One Month in Iraq pictures (photos here)

Amazing site that contains tons of pictures from the Iraq War.(WARNING SOME IMAGES ARE GRUESOME)

Turkish Intelligence Claim Al Qaeda is CIA Front Operation

Zaman, the 5th largest newspaper in Turkey reported Sunday August 14, 2005 that the arrest and interrogation of a top Al Qaeda Operative confirms their already held opinion that Al Qaeda is a CIA backed operation.

Luai Sakra, 32, is suspected of involvement in the November 2003 bombings of UK and Jewish targets in Istanbul which killed 63 people. He was arrested in Diyarbakir, south-east Turkey, and is due to appear in court in Istanbul on Thursday.

He claims to have been recruited by the CIA in 2000.

more links:

CIA Linked to Al Qaeda:

Sakra provided conveniently located passports to terrorists:

Further developments as they become available.

At least 30 dead in Guatemala gang war

ESCUINTLA, Guatemala, Aug 15 (Reuters) - At least 30 inmates were killed on Monday when rival Guatemalan gang members attacked each other with knives, firearms and grenades at prisons throughout the country, government officials said.
Around 80 prisoners were also injured in the fighting between the Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18 street gangs.

Farrakhan: Mexican President Was Right

Mon Aug 15,10:37 AM ET
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Mexican President Vicente Fox was right to say that Mexican immigrants take jobs "that not even blacks want."
Although Fox was sharply criticized for his remarks by some black leaders, Farrakhan said Sunday that blacks do not want to go to farms and pick fruit because they already "picked enough cotton."
"Why are you so foolishly sensitive when somebody is telling you the truth?" he asked the crowd at Mercy Memorial Baptist Church. He said blacks and Latinos should form an alliance to correct differences and animosity between the two communities.
Civil rights leaders including Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have called on Fox to apologize for the remark. Fox has said he was commenting on the contributions that Mexicans make to the United States, and did not mean any offense.
Farrakhan, who spearheaded the 1995 Million Man March that drew hundreds of thousands of people to Washington, D.C., was in Milwaukee to promote the Millions More Movement, which has scheduled a rally Oct. 15 on the National Mall.
The march is billed as a more inclusive successor to the Million Man March. This time, organizers have encouraged women and gays to attend.

"My Nigga, My Nigger"

"My Nigga", "My Nigger"
What is the difference?
Is saying "My nigga" to a friend suppose to invoke positive influence?
Is it ok for a White person to say it?
And we as Black people not curse or have a fit?
Have we forgotten our ancestors downtrodden?
Their very being described in malice by the cold-hearted slave-owners, overseers and others that didn't care; used on our ancestors to invoke submission and fear.
What if the tables were turned?
Do you think its then we would learn?
What if it was "What's up my kike?" Would it be a term of endearment Jews would like?
Or "What up my cracker?" Would race in case really matter?
Or even "What up my chink?" What would your Chinese friend think?
How about "What up my spic?" Would your Mexican friend want to sit down and kick it?
Why is it only our race greets with a slang racial epithet?
And never think to regret,
How we hurt ourselves, sistas and brothas.
What about those that dislike the term?
It time that we all should learn.
"My nigga", "My nigger"
What is the difference?
When will we wake up from our ignorance?
--- Inspired by God, Written by Aphrikan B.

"Uncle Cornbread's Corner" video here

Conspiracies anyone? Well, featured on this weeks "Uncle Corbread's Corner" is a 90 min video documentary about ex President George Bush Sr. involvement in the murder of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy (J.F.K). This video tracks Bush Sr. movements and positions during that era and connects the dots to other known culprits. Dont worry, this is not your typical Lee Harvey Oswald focused report. So sit back and brace yourself for this alternative view. Just click on title/topic above and you will be linked to site (scroll down to bottom of site to start 90 min video)

Designer vaginas

Saturday, August 13, 2005 Updated at 12:53 AM EDT

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Los Angeles — Women from around the world flock to David Matlock's marble waiting room carrying purses stuffed with porn. The magazines are revealed only in the privacy of his office, where doctor and patient debate the finer points of each glossy photo....

America in Exile

As I look over the landscape of America, I see many in exile. This exile is both externally and self-imposed. The adherence to national origin as a central feature of identity is both a reaction to and the cause of the fractured nature of our country. Racial differences aside, the dogmatic adherence to cultural norms of far distant lands will of course isolate an individual operating within a group. By definition, many of these norms are normal only in the context of the 'other' place. The struggle for identity, if taken too liberally from a palette composed of colors from a different painter, trap the individual into adopting an identity that will necessarily be at odds with their environment. They will see themselves as different. This will be due, in some part to their having been identified as 'different'. This identification as 'other' by the orthodoxy can be viewed as a rejection or as an invitation to become 'same'. (This is why racial differences cannot be a legitimate basis for societal inclusion and must be strictly prohibited, since they cannot be overcome and are irrelevant)

If one joins a group, the established norms of that group must be adopted or one cannot be said to be a member and one would not be identified as such. An orthodox Jew that does not observe the Sabbath, that does not maintain peyos, or keep the feasts cannot be said to be orthodox. Certainly, there have been reformed traditions, but from the view of strict orthodoxy, these are reformed traditions.

The religious example above is not precisely applicable to America per se since there is a strict prohibition against a state religion, but the concept of a sacred canopy that covers those who are in and does not cover those who are without, still applies, with or without a particular religion. This canopy defines the borders of identity inasmuch as its' contours define perception. Humanism, which is explicitly secular, still allows for national identity and within that national identity, the self. Identity then can only occur within a context. That context is one's environment.

To retain elements of an absent context as essential within a new context that does not include them leaves an individual with basically three options.

1) Keep the element and ignore its' incongruity with one's environment. (Retention)
2) Cope without the element entirely. (Deprivation)
3) Replace the absent element with an equivalent from the current context. (Adaptation)
4) Pretend to adopt norms for gain. (Hypocrisy)
5) Argue that the element is missing from the current context and it will be universally advantageous to adopt it in the current context. (Advocacy)

The first choice is the least socially compatible one since it will necessarily continue, by one's own choice, status as an outsider except for the special case addressed in the fifth alternative.

The second choice leads to internal instability, deprivation and deformation.

The third choice is probably the most preferable, but requires a kind of mental agility and effort that will limit the extent to which it is accessed.

The fourth, which is often resorted to, is to adopt a sort of schizophrenic mentality that compartmentalizes ones' self into integrated and segregated parts. For most people the segregated aspect is the 'real' self. However, the cumulative effect of social interaction and reputation create a body of near equal or perhaps even greater mass on the part of the public persona than the personal and when the incongruities are discovered, there can be hell to pay. Politicians and actors along with other highly public persons often fall prey to this (Mr. Swaggert springs to mind) when the public perceives these personal choices as being in contradiction with the public persona. In general it is perceived as hypocrisy and arguably, this is rightfully so.

The fifth choice is to reform a genuine deficiency in one's social environment through agitation and argument for change. This is a difficult process and the vetting process can last for centuries. This is reasonable since the effects are so long-lived and widespread. It would be beneficial to apply these high hurdles to more aspects of life, for example industrial and environmental, since these are also persistent and pervasive factors. Race appears again here but so do pacifism, imperialism, colonialism and isolationism. These are fundamental features of domestic and foreign policies that will bear fruit (bitter or sweet) for many generations.

Why should we care? The alternative is conflict, stunted human potential and needless suffering. I hope to engage more people in careful, thoughtful consideration of the complex issues extant in a pluralist society that will hopefully resolve to a unified but diverse society. A society with a single coat of many colors. A nation where anything can be painted with a rich and skillfully chosen palette.

copyright 2005 Callmethefixer

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

The speech that many believe resulted in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King . Maybe this is why you don't hear similar criticism in the mainstream media about the War in Iraq?


Settlers clash with troops in West Bank, refuse to get eviction orders in Gaza Strip (video here)

The Israeli army commenced the implementation of the withdrawal plan Monday morning, as teams of soldiers entered the northern Gaza Strip settlement of Nissanit to present eviction notices, which will go into effect early Wednesday.


In the West Bank, there have been angry clashes between settlers and Israeli security forces near two settlements which are also scheduled for forcible evacuation.

At least one Air Force officer and one settler were hospitalised following the unrest, which happened near several settlements which are scheduled for forcible evacuation.

About 200 residents from the settlement of Shavei Shomron clashed with troops and broke down a gate leading to Sanur and Homesh, two of the four West Bank settlements which will be closed once the Gaza evacuation is complete.

Settlers in some southern Gaza Strip and West Bank enclaves, meanwhile, blocked the entrances to their settlements to prevent Israeli troops and reporters from entering. Some 400 youths opposed to the pullout blocked the main road leading into "Gush Katif" settlement bloc on Monday morning, preventing an army convoy from reaching its destination.