RACE RELATIONS BLOG: Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

"BLACK HAWK DOWN "Somali militia leader arrested by Swedish Police (story)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Reuters) -- A visiting Somali has been arrested in Sweden after exiles denounced him as a war criminal, police said Monday.

Swedish authorities did not name the 57-year-old man, who was held in the university town Lund late Sunday and taken to the city of Gothenburg for questioning, they said.
But a Somali legislator identified him as Abdi Awale Qaybdiid, an ex-police officer associated in the past with some warlords and now an aide to the Somali parliament's speaker.
A former colleague of Qaybdiid, who also asked not to be named, said he was accused of ordering a mortar attack that killed 10 people in a Mogadishu market in 1996.

"The guy came here for a conference and some other Somalis in Sweden went to the police in Gothenburg and told them about him and brought a video tape," Hans Olvebro, head of the Swedish national police's war crimes unit, told Reuters.
Sweden's Foreign Ministry said the man was part of a six-person Somali delegation led by parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan.

Man sues State alledging they let him be "pimped" in prison (story)

WICHITA FALLS – In the Allred state prison near this ranching and oil town, Roderick Keith Johnson says he was bought and sold for sex by prison gangs with names like Gangster Disciples, Mandingo Warriors and the Mexican Mafia. But his biggest tormentor was a man named Monster, who called him Coco and was his pimp.
"Monster was the guy who was controlling me," said Mr. Johnson, a 37-year-old, gay former inmate of the James V. Allred prison unit. In a quiet voice before the jury hearing his federal civil rights lawsuit, Mr. Johnson detailed his 18-month sexual hell. There were, Mr. Johnson says, near-daily rapes, a forced shower sex show with a mentally retarded inmate, and a prison guard who called him a "commissary ho."

Mr. Johnson's allegations – he is suing six Allred prison authorities and staff members, alleging they ignored his repeated pleas for help – cast light on what prison experts say is a serious problem among Texas' 156,000 inmates: the rise of warring prison gangs who use rape, sexual intimidation and assault to establish control and hierarchy among inmates.
Mr. Johnson's attorneys call it a system of "gang-run sexual slavery," and they say that prison authorities are aware of the sexual abuse going on within their intitutions.

Bird flu reaches EU as Greece finds virus (story)

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece said on Monday it had detected one turkey with bird flu on the eastern Aegean island of Chios, becoming the first EU country where the virus has spread to.
"The Center for Veterinary Institutes has informed us that one of nine poultry samples has tested positive to bird flu (H5) antibodies," the agriculture ministry said in a statement.
The ministry said the turkey came from a small private poultry farm of about 20 turkeys on the tiny island of Inousses off Chios which belongs to the Chios prefecture.